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Comics archive! Rex Morgan, M.D.

Is the joke about … a scheduling mishap? That’s not very funny

Momma, 8/17/14

Congratulations to Momma for coming up with a strip gag that’s entirely opaque to me! Is the joke that Francis is foolish for thinking that he can ski on a day Momma has planned a beach outing? But there are several parts of the country, including my own future home in California, where this is a real possibility! Is the joke that Francis is making bold claims about a ski date with his “buddies” when in fact even in his own imagination he’s skiing in total isolation, alone and unloved? That’s … that’s not so much of a “joke” per se, but at least it sort of makes sense.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 8/17/14

Ooh, this academic skullduggery plot is reaching a climax with June’s bold pronouncements: keep your head down! don’t get involved! don’t try to change anything! just do what you’re told quietly and you’ll get out unscathed! ride this thing out until you can retire! Truly the stance of a hero!

Saturday quickies

Rex Morgan, M.D., 8/2/14

Aww, the formerly unsympathetic dean character has been humanized by this revelation of her loss! Of course, the last Rex Morgan character who was made more sympathetic by Iraq War-related factors turned out to be a dirty liar, so don’t switch teams in this gripping academic drama just yet.

Hagar the Horrible, 8/2/14

No matter how cheerful Hagar looks, he knows that his violent, terrifying, lawless existence is no way to live, and yearns for the peace of the grave.

Luann, 8/2/14

TJ’s plots have kind of been in the doldrums lately, and so I approve of this new narrative direction, in which each of his ill-thought-out schemes ends in a fiery explosion and a fraudulent insurance claim.

Six Chix, 8/2/14

By “involvement” she means “having sex with and not using birth control,” I guess!

Action Mary!

Mary Worth, 7/27/14

Hmm, just the other day Mark Trail was giving out relationship advice, and here’s Mary pulling a drowning victim to safety. Ian Cameron better watch his beard, is what I’m saying.

Funky Winkerbean (rotated), 7/27/14

Starbuck Jones rescues Broadway and film legend Carol Channing from a series of late-career guest appearances in cheesy sitcoms: “Raaaaaaaaaaaaspberries!”

This is over now, right?

Rex Morgan, M.D., 7/27/14

You can almost hear them cackle over at Rex Morgan headquarters: “So you’ve had enough of SARAH, have you, faithful readers? Well here’s an academic politics story for you – and Rex as the voice of reason! SOON YOU WILL BEG FOR SARAH.”

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for a fun couple weeks — see you again in late August as we follow along the Great Josh and Amber Westward Migration. Josh himself will be back Monday with special-edition Comments of the Two Weeks, a detailed critique of Mary’s figure as revealed by her soaking-wet nightgown, and all the usual succulent Joshy goodness. ‘Bye!

– Uncle Lumpy