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So ends the Spring 2010 Comics Curmudgeon Fundraiser. Thank you, generous readers!

Sally Forth, 3/27/10

Panel 1: The Sallies have arranged a pleasant evening for you, Ted. Do not distract them.
Panel 2: See? You scared one off. Also, Jackie will now marry Ralph. It’s the universe, Ted. Don’t toy with it.

Apartment 3-G, 3/27/10

Dr. Bryant, because he is an idiot, will trust Dr. Papagoras’s professional discretion in this matter.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 3/27/10

Cucumbers … what?!! Pickle relish? A cooling summer salad? Rejuvenation of delicate skin around the eyes? God damn you, Jughaid!

Dick Tracy, 3/27/10

Dick will not get his peace and quiet, and the caller is, in fact, quite serious. But the call is not for him. Dick Tracy is a web of lies.

Gil Thorp, 3/27/10

I dunno — looks to me like he’s playing defense there in panel three. This sports action is so confusing. But then —

Blondie, 3/27/10

Hey, that’s a pretty good look for Dagwood. Blondie, not so much.

That’s it for me; Josh will be back Sunday unless he gets waylaid or, y’know, tired or something. I had a really fun week – thanks, everybody!

— Uncle Lumpy