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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 11/19/17

America’s rural, non-coastal areas have some legitimate beefs about how they’re depicted in the media, and it’s a constant sad demonstration of how little cultural reach comics have anymore that nobody has ever tried to organize an angry boycott of newspapers that run Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. A lot of jokes work on the principle of misdirection, and here’s how this one does it: you think city slicker Barney Google, with his talk of “stores,” is going to get schooled by Snuffy, who still hunts for turkey just like the pilgrims and Native Americans did in the 17th century. But nope, turns out he’s just a thief! Ha ha!

Beetle Bailey, 11/19/17

A fun thing about writing a comic strip is that you can get ideas from anywhere in your daily life! For instance, maybe the tech nerds who run the syndicate these days have it set up so you have to log in to upload the comic art now instead of just having your assistant FedEx it like you did for years, and maybe you’ve misplaced the post-it where you wrote down your password. Good news! By the time you manage to log in, you’ve already got next Sunday’s strip written!

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Blondie, 11/18/17

OH GOOD LET’S JUST CONTINUE WITH BLONDIE’S FOOD-HORROR SHALL WE? In today’s installment, the true nightmare happens just off-panel: the announcement of the bacon shortage comes from “Percy Pigmann,” who begins his report on the issue by oinking. Percy is, I think it goes without saying, a sapient pig, here to tell the world that his kind will no longer be killed and butchered for their flesh. That all’s very idealistic and inspiring, Percy, but watch out: Dagwood is saying the right things about this positive social change, but his hair indicates that he’s still livid about this shift in the prevailing power hierarchy. Like all civil rights advances, this one will be met with a backlash.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 11/18/17

Loweezy and Elviney are just passing the time imagining that blessed future day when both their husbands are dead.

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Blondie, 11/13/17

Ha ha, it’s funny because Dagwood’s favorite lunch spot is infested with vermin!

Family Circus, 11/13/17

Ha ha, it’s funny because “the cloud” is a term used for distributed data storage services and figures into traditional western iconography of heaven, and also because Dolly lives in constant fear of an all-knowing deity who sees and remembers every one of her forbidden thoughts and actions!

Six Chix, 11/13/17

Ha ha, it’s funny because these two have stumbled onto an incredibly ancient creature from a vanished world, and they’re trying to figure out how to eat it!

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 11/13/17

Ha ha, it’s funny because Snuffy and Barlow punched each other in the face!