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I’m pretty sure YikYaks are a thing

Mary Worth, 6/26/16

Oh thank goodness, the new Sunday Mary Worth team heeded my warnings and and restored Wilbur’s glorious combover! His arms are still distressingly bare, but we’ll take today’s wispy strands of head hair as progress. Who knows, maybe he’s been waxing his arms, in the misguided belief that the Japanese will find his less off-putting if he isn’t in his usual bear-like state!

Panels from Hi and Lois, 6/26/16

Haha, nice try getting teens to like your strip with relatable email jokes, Hi and Lois! No teen alive would be this excited about getting an email. They’d recoil in horror and confusion, as if you tried to hand them a telegram. No, kids today want to get, uh, Snapchats, or … maybe YikYaks? Is that a thing? YikYaks? Look, I may not know what teens like, but I know what they don’t like, and what they don’t like is email.

Theological Thursday

Hi and Lois, 6/23/16

Because the Flagstons are a a stereotypical upper-middle class family living in the suburbs in what appears to be the ’50s or first half of the ’60s, I’ve always assumed they’re Episcopalians. The Episcopal Church has a page on their website that says they believe in justification through faith, though they don’t use the “faith alone” formula, and anyway, even the most hardcore Calvinist sees good works as flowing naturally from true faith. Nice try pushing antinomianist heresy, Ditto!

Pluggers, 6/23/16

You’re a plugger if technological advances have made the services you need to live inaccessible to you.

Mind-flaying Tuesday

Blondie, 6/21/16

Wow, it looks like Mr. Dithers can read not just the content of Dagwood’s thoughts, but their texture, the little undercurrent of gloom denoted by the shading at the bottom of his thought balloons. This is a truly terrifying advancement, considering that Dithers Industries was already a terrifying panopticon. Our only saving grace is that Mr. Dithers lacks the imagination to use his amazing psionic powers to do anything more than hassle the employees at his generic white-collar company slightly more than he already does, instead, of, say, imposing a brutal thought-dictatorship on all humanity in which none of us are safe, not even in our own minds.

Hi and Lois, 6/21/16

Ha ha! It’s funny because Thirsty doesn’t have anyone who loves him!