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I ship Wanda/Weirdly, btw

Panel from Slylock Fox, 9/27/15

Oh, look who’s suddenly the defender of strict laws regulating who can and cannot engage in genetic experimentation: it’s unnatural bipedal fox-abomination Slylock Fox! Slylock probably owes his very existence to Count Weirdly’s scientific advances, so I’m sorry, I think the Count and Wanda ought to be allowed to artificially create more humans via cloning, if only to restore some balance to this nightmare-world.

Apartment 3-G, 9/27/15

As usual, Sunday’s Apartment 3-G is just a rehash of what happened over the course of the week, but I feel there are a couple things worth pointing out. First of all, Tommie and Eric spend five panels outside, then very abruptly spend a panel inside before just as suddenly being outside again. More importantly, though, Tommie’s “plan” is hilariously moronic. I mean, I know she’s just trying to be inspirational, but still. “OK, here’s how we succeed. Step 1: we don’t fail. And that’s it! That’s literally all we need!”

The horse looks a little sad, but he knows it needs to be done

Slylock Fox, 9/15/15

Ah, it’s another Slylock Fox depicting the world just after the horrible Event, when all the animals Awoke and began turning on the poor, unprepared Homo sapiens. Here our sheriff is still foolishly attempting to enforce human law and track down a criminal, unaware that now is the time to let bygones between people be bygones and stand together to preserve the species. If I’ve learned one thing from Warner Brothers cartoons, it’s that coyotes are trained in the art of deception, so I assume that crude face is just painted on a wall in that cave, the better to lure this cowboy into a trap. The vulture looks cruelly delighted. He knows he will feast on human carrion tonight.

Apartment 3-G, 9/15/15

As Margo arrives at her supposed Manhattan high-rise apartment building, the door (?) opens, and we see, from left to right … a wall covered in vinyl siding, a vast blue emptiness, a glass door, more emptiness, the back of a toilet or maybe a faraway white panel truck, and a low-rise apartment building with first floor retail. I think “malfunctioning holodeck” may be the most logical solution here.

Momma, 9/15/15

Finally realizing that she cannot control every aspect of her children’s existence as long as they live and have wills of their own, she’s decided to have them killed, taxidermied, and mounted, starting with Francis.

Mark counts boats

Mark Trail, 7/20/15

Mark works out his resentment of his editor’s new office by abusing his expense account.

Apartment 3-G, 7/20/15

“I mean I’m going to garrotte her in an alley, dissolve her flesh in lye, crush her bones to powder, and dump the slurry in a river. Honestly, mother, sometimes it’s like you don’t know me at all!

Slylock Fox, 7/20/15 (solution inverted)

Psst, Shady … tell Slylock you cooled them in the stream. Then offer him one, and invite him to sit down and cool his feet. You know how things work around there.

9 Chickweed Lane, 7/20/15

9 Chickweed Lane parodies the eponymous rabbit from Harvey, on the theory that the strip needs a character even more irritating than the regular cast.

– Uncle Lumpy