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Mary Worth, 7/29/17

Looks like we’re learning what sort of “Dawn romance” storyline we have lined up for us: a storyline where Dawn, a college-age temp worker at a hospital, is romanced by a handsome, prestigious older doctor, who likes to (a) refer to non-medical staff at the hospital where he works as “his” employees, like he owns the place or something, and (b) do little things like take “his” employees who work late nights out to dinner, alone, so he can get to know them under the romantic glow of the moon. Dawn hasn’t jumped starry-eyed into a thicket of romantic red flags like this with a medico since that time she set her sights on Dr. Jeff’s son Dr. Drew, who unfortunately was dating another lady at the same time, which earned him a thorough slapping that haunted him literally for years. Say, whatever happened to Dr. Drew, anyway? I think the last we heard of him was when he volunteered to preside over the hospital ethics board show trial and execution of the poor smack-addled Dr. Kapuht, so he should eventually have a lot of interesting things to say about this management/employee sexual fraternization.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 7/29/17

Wow, I apologize for thinking this storyline was going to be boring! As a non-doctor, what appeared to me to be idle chit-chat about nerd bullshit was actually a very careful and subtle diagnostic process. As medical pros, Rex and June can smell a dying woman a mile away, especially a dying woman who probably doesn’t have any health insurance and plans to name them the guardians of her gross non-Morgan child in her will.