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Mary Worth, 10/8/14

Congrats to Mary Worth for deploying an actually interesting narrative technique this week! After yesterday’s head-on collision, we smash cut to Ian, sweaty and wild-eyed, barging into his own home and gibbering wrathfully at his terrified trophy wife. We’re left to imagine the trail of verbal carnage he left in his wake. The sneers! The condescension! He’s clearly been driven into a frenzy of fender-bender-based superciliousness, and everyone is going to hear about it! Poor Toby: you get the feeling this isn’t the first time she got a finger wagged in her face because of something unforgiveable that somebody else did.

Shoe, 10/8/14

Ha ha, it sure does look like you live alone, Perfesser! Because generally most people don’t like living in unsafe hoarding-zones filled with literal trash. Say, remember how you used to live with someone else? Your nephew, Skyler? Ring a bell? It’s not clear if he’s finally decided that life as a homeless runaway would be better than the unsanitary lifestyle you keep, or if he was just crushed to death under a pile of newspapers.

Heathcliff, 10/8/14

It’s true: far too much garbage ends up in the ocean, disrupting ecosystems vital to life’s long-term survival on earth. Heathcliff is right to look so sad.

With any luck, he’ll be bloviating through Sunday

Mary Worth, 10/7/14

Few things have unsettled me more today than Hanna thinking to herself “My grandson is safe with his mother … for now.” What could this possibly mean? Safe from what? Is he the Chosen One of Prophecy, with a magical protection charm keeping evil at bay as long as he stays in his mother’s home? Is this why Hanna’s been so reluctant to babysit him, because while his mother’s out finding self-actualization or true love or whatever, Hanna must maintain constant vigilance against the emboldened dark forces who seek to snuff out Gordon’s life before he can come into his full powers? Probably not, and I guess we’re never going to really find out, because right in the middle of this reverie she just stone-cold rammed into the front of Ian’s car, and I assume that his condescending rage will be both extensive and hilarious.

Apartment 3-G, 10/7/14

Kudos to Margo for maintaining her utter dominance over both Tommie and Lu Ann with one power move. I certainly hope that every third night over the past few months she and Lu Ann sat together staring at empty plates for several hungry, agonizing hours. “Look, Margo, I don’t think she’s coming home tonight, I could cook something real quick–” “No. It’s Tommie’s night.” “Well maybe we could just get some Thai food delivered, or–” “It’s Tommie’s night, and put that phone down RIGHT NOW or I am not responsible for the consequences.”

Better Half, 10/7/14

Remember, only in the sweet grip of death can you escape the extractive power of the tyrannical state! SUICIDE IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT

The real winner here is Vince, since he never has to see Gordon at all

Mary Worth, 10/2/14

Thank goodness little Gordon’s cognitive functions have been completely captured by horrifying mouse cartoons since Monday, so he doesn’t have to listen to his mother and his grandmother bicker over who gets to spend less time with him! Currently he’s staring at Non-Copyright Infringing Superhero Mouse and playing with his action figure and pretending he’s participating in its uncanny valley adventures, so he doesn’t hear his reluctant caregivers dancing around the issue of s-e-x. How are either of these single ladies going be able to go on dates if they have to supervise this mute little ginger, who needs to have his bugged-out eyeballs moistened every few hours as he watches the Rodent Cartoon Channel?

Those shadows in panel one show just how brave Hanna needs to be to defy her daughter: if Amy were to stand up straight, her knees would clearly be level with Hanna’s waist. It’s not easy to say no to a terrifying giantess!

Dennis the Menace, 10/2/14

Speaking of unsettling size differentials, has Margaret always been so much larger than the boys? Anyway, in today’s panel, Joey, this strip’s holy fool, reveals his complete ignorance of the arbitrary ethnic labels that divide human beings from one another. Dennis and Margaret, already so fully inculcated in the lie of nationalism that it seems a part of nature to them, regard him with pitying stares. It’s a panel that’s truly menacing in its implications.