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Dustin, 3/8/21

Look, I tolerated it when the obsessive neurotics of the late lamented (?) Edge City tried to get into mild S&M, and I endured it when the neurotic obsessives of the gone but not forgotten (??) Pajama Diaries casually referenced their own kink. That’s because I what I felt for those couples wasn’t warmth exactly, but at least was sort of a mild contempt. But these two? These two I don’t like at all, and the thought of them having any fun infuriates me, especially if that fun involves getting horned up watching a John Wayne movie.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 3/8/21

“Or, p’rhaps when the fellas get a whiff, they lose all their inhibitions and our poker night will b’come an evenin’ o’ unbridled sexual passion, which we’ll ne’er speak of agin! Or the card-cheatin’ thing, that’d be good too.”

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Mary Worth, 3/5/21

Good news, everyone! Max got scared in a thunderstorm and ran away but Saul and Eve went to look for him and found him more or less immediately, with no real drama of any kind. They only got slightly rained on for their troub[squints at panel] ah, actually, they remained dry and comfortable throughout the ordeal as well. The overall lesson of this storyline is that dogs are good, and also pretty easy to find.

Family Circus, 3/5/21

Though cruelly slamming on the Family Circus is one of the oldest traditions of online comics-mocking, predating even this blog, you have to give the strip credit where it’s due, especially when it comes to “can you believe this fucking shit” facial expressions from the Keane parents. Thel is sporting a doozy today, and with very good reason! I myself am having a hard time believing this fucking shit.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 3/5/21

“You mean which superhero do I most want to have sex with, right? It’s Wonder Wo– [sees wife coming] I mean, Superman. I want to have sex with Superman. Whew, dodged a bullet there.”

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Shoe, 2/27/21

Huh, I’ve been reading Shoe for years and I don’t think I ever knew that the Perfesser, in addition to being a newspaper reporter and columnist, is also a novelist! I guess that’s probably because his books are so bad that his coworkers aren’t even minimally polite about them, so it probably doesn’t come up much.

Sam and Silo, 2/27/21

Today, outside Sam’s (or maybe Silo’s? I long ago wisely declined to spend precious brain real estate remembering which one is which) window, a werewolf’s time of torment is ending and he’s transforming back into a person again, celebrating the blessed event by shouting out the human names of the friends who will no longer run away from his monstrous visage in fear — until the full moon comes again, of course.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 2/27/21

“Y’see, jedge, between my feckless lack o’ motivation and my r’fusal to develop any honest marketable skills, I’m in a prison of m’own design!”