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Gil Thorp, 6/17/21

Good news, everyone! The library fight in Gil Thorp has ended in a classic “We’re not so different, you and I” situation, in which Abel wants to cut government funding from public services and Zane wants public services to pivot to profit-making ventures. Surely there’s some beautiful synergy to be had there! Hey, you’re probably wondering why library workers tend to be such stick in the muds about patrons eating or drinking in the library, and as a former library worker I can tell you that it is 100% because food attracts bugs and mice and bugs and mice eat books. Just putting that out there! Anyway, the important thing is that Zane has defeated Kathy’s dad in the marketplace of ideas, and that has Kathy all hornt up, which means that natural balance has been restored to the universe.

Pluggers, 6/17/21

My sympathy is with this poor dog-child. Can you imagine a plugger leaving comments on your social media posts? While making that facial expression? Truly chilling.

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Gil Thorp, 6/11/21

I guess what’s going on here is that each of the Coaches Thorp is sitting with their own student-athlete in the teen vs. teen’s girlfriend’s dad library board interview competition, and “we’re all rooting for the library” is some kind of statement of neutrality, like “We may disagree on the details but I’m sure whoever wins will do a great job for this institution that we all respect, so let’s all just go out there do our best.” That’d be a lot more believable if Katy’s dad’s whole platform wasn’t literally defunding the library. Anyway, I assume that weird hand position in panel three is Coach Mrs. Coach Thorp getting ready to throw up some really exaggerated chef’s kiss gestures when Katy’s dad loses.

Pluggers, 6/11/21

You know what hour a plugger is happiest? When they manage to doze off, their troubles and cares briefly annihilated by blessed unconsciousness. It’s only an hour, though, when they pass out in their chair from pure exhaustion; presumably they spend the night tossing and turning in bed due to their various anxieties and disappointments. “Lots of pluggers everywhere” wrote in with this one!

Mary Worth, 6/11/21

God damn it, Ashlee, don’t you dare go soft on me, returning sad Drew’s precious Rolex from his dead mom! The only acceptable thing happening here is that you’ve realized the Coreys have generational wealth and you need to be working on a much more ambitious grift.

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Mary Worth, 5/19/21

“I certainly would not have formed a romantic liaison with this family had I known about the lapses in judgement lurking in your bloodline!” [throws on life jacket, pinches nose, pitches backwards out of the boat and into the sea]

Gil Thorp, 5/19/21

You ever think that the staff of the Milford Star, a non-student newspaper produced and read by adults, are a little too up-to-date on what the local teenagers are up to?

Pluggers, 5/19/21

Sure, it would make a plugger’s life easier in some ways if he allowed himself to form professional or personal relationships with people with non-Anglo-Saxon surnames. But a man has to have a code, you know?

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 5/19/21