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Mary Worth, 5/22/20

I had sort of been hoping that Mary Worth would never do a coronavirus pandemic plot, that it would just remain my happy place forever when the worst thing we had to worry about was how many mai tais Wilbur’s had, but now that Mary and Dawn are moving on from “Cheating’s fine, honestly, most of the time there isn’t really any hard feelings” to “You know who the real heroes are? Doctors, and nurses, and whatever it is Jared does, I’m not clear on it exactly but he definitely wears scrubs and works at the hospital,” I worry that we’re headed in that direction. I’ll allow it only if Jared succumbs to COVID, allowing Dawn to weep bereft pandemic tears for months.

Shoe, 5/22/20

Despite how long I’ve written about comics, there are still parts of the creative process I don’t understand. In Shoe, for instance, what factors determine the punchlines that get Goggle Eyes of Horror and the ones that get Heavy Lids and Undereye Bags of Despair?

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Shoe, 4/28/20

Was Cats a box-office failure? Very much so. In fact, it’s one of the most prominent movie flops in recent memory! So it’s actually a good movie to pick for this joke … or it would be, if the joke weren’t about a dog hating it. C’mon, man! Is the joke about how a dog ID’d Cats as a financial failure because he’s a bomb-sniffing dog, or is it about a movie-reviewing dog who hated the movie Cats because he’s a dog who, like all stereotypical dogs, hates cats? YOUR JOKE IS OVERLOADED WITH SIGNIFIERS, damn it!

Crock, 4/28/20

This is comic written by someone who’s heard of books, and seen people on TV interacting with and talking about them, but has never actually read one.

The Lockhorns, 4/28/20

Pretty sure Leroy’s dying? Let’s be honest: it’s a blessing, for everyone concerned.

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Shoe, 1/25/20

I’m having a hard time figuring out if Shoe doing a joke about plagiarism that rips off another widely circulated joke is ironic on purpose or ironic accidentally.

Mark Trail, 1/25/20