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Mary Worth, 9/28/18

One of my very favorite things that sometimes happens on this blog is when I make an outrageous prediction about the future course of some soap opera strip’s plot that then almost immediately comes true! So yes, Mr. Wynter really did spend more on his dog’s grave than on his wife’s. At least Bella’s monument is relatively tasteful, with Bella depicted as she was in life, wearing her adorable bow tie, and not as some kind of terrifying supernatural winged cat chimera like whoever’s buried in the plot just behind her. The second panel is great, because it shows what Bella would see if she were buried alive and had like a little hole in her casket attached to a periscope or something.

Six Chix, 9/28/18

Look, one of the advantages of having a multi-artist production like Six Chix is that you get a variety of perspectives and voices, so I’m as confused and disappointed by “big horny animal week” as everybody else.

Spider-Man, 9/28/18

“Say, Danny, have you ever considered using the incredible privilege and authority you wield in our society to better people’s lives, instead of putting on a mask and punching people unusually hard? Just spitballing here!”

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Gil Thorp, 9/27/18

Oh, right! The cineaste kid! Turns out he too, like Tiki Jansen, is being inexorably drawn into the gravity well of the fall “the Mudlarks special teams are wacky” plot. Honestly, the real revelation here for me is that Kaz, who’s never exactly struck me as an intellectual, is apparently forced to supplement his assistant coaching salary by also teaching “world geography,” where presumably he gets uncomfortably enthusiastic about the unit on China. Anyway, you might remember Kaz showing his deep contempt for non-mainstream cinema just a few weeks ago, but hopefully in return for his services Joe Bolek will insist that the entire coaching staff watch Sátántangó, Hungarian auteur Béla Tarr’s seven-hour black-and-white masterpiece, which will open their eyes to the magic of independent film.

Six Chix, 9/27/18

There’s nothing immoral per se with wanting to have a three-way with a furry on your wedding night, but its absolutely imperative that you have a discussion with your partner first, to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

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Six Chix, 9/23/18

My first read on this was that the two sad/angry/scrunch-faced/???? characters on the left were upset that their cruel boss was forcing them to come up with new fees, since they just wanted to offer checking accounts on honest terms to decent folks, just like banks did back in the day. But with all the crumpled up papers and charts denoting declining profits on display, I guess we’re meant to understand that they’re all in it together, trying to extract every last dime from their customers before the whole system comes crashing down. The lady in the middle is going into a full-on panic fugue state, so move all your savings into bitcoin or canned goods, probably!

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 9/23/18

Snuffy and Lukey are laughing not at their own terrible wordplay, of course, but because they know that they’ll cut those trees down years before they mature enough to produce any fruit, either to patch their decaying hovels or simply to burn for heat.