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Mark Trail, 7/24/20

Oh, Rusty, we all know that you have somehow come to love Jeremy Cartwright despite the fact that there’s no TV in your rustic cabin home and Mark doesn’t ever take you to the movies. Then again, Mark doesn’t take you fishing, either, but that isn’t stopping you from telling Jeremy Cartwright a bunch of lies about that to try to make yourself look cooler in his eyes. Would your hero, Jeremy Cartwright, tell a lie like that? He’s clearly not lying about needing a drink. Looks like he needs a drink right now or his face his gonna melt clean off.

Funky Winkerbean, 7/24/20

Les has been offered a brief cameo in his biopic Lisa’s biopic, this is all about Lisa, where would you even get the idea that this is some kind of enormous ego trip for the dead lady’s husband, but anyway Les has been offered a brief cameo as a waiter in this movie, which is usually a kind of fun thing movie producers might do, for fun, except that Les both hates it and is genuinely bad at it. He could’ve said no, of course. He could’ve easily said no! Instead he’s ruining everybody’s day, so I guess he’s getting something out of it.

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Mark Trail, 7/21/20

Oh no, if these guys have to spend too much time around Rusty, the promised “action movie” will become a stomach-turning body horror flick rated NC-17 for extreme, nightmarish imagery.

Hi and Lois, 7/21/20

Speaking of which, shoutout to Hi and Lois for coming up with an absolutely terrifying cartoon character that Dot and Ditto are watching on TV. Dot appears to be levitating, presumably because she’s possessed by the figure on the screen, who is clearly a demon straight from hell.

Funky Winkerbean, 7/21/20

Honestly, it’s a relief to know that, deep down inside, Les hates himself almost as much as we do.

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Six Chix, 7/19/20

OK, I’m saying this as a writer: everything a writer produces comes, at some level, from themselves. You can only interpret ideas and events through your own lens, and honestly much of what you come up with will inevitably draw from your own immediate experiences. It’s just that, well, sometimes the inciting incident that produces a work of art is more obvious than others, you know?

Funky Winkerbean, 7/19/20

Man, if there’s one thing Les knows how to do, it’s tell someone how to act like they’re in love with Les, right? Anyway, this movie looks terrible, I assume everyone in the final panel looks so happy because there’s a carbon monoxide leak that’s addling their brains.