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Mary Worth, 6/14/18

Guys, guys, guys, are you ready for Tommy’s drug-free, Christ-centered summer romance? Because it’s happening! Tommy has chivalrously driven his comely co-worker home so she doesn’t have to take the bus, and I assume from his pregnant pause before “hang out” that her neighborhood was the site of some criminal adventures in his younger “very own meth lab” days. That’s probably where he went to buy — as an ahead-of-his-time entrepreneur, when it came time for him to peddle his wares, he did so in the leafy environs of UC Santa Royale, which unfortunately resulted in his immediate arrest. Anyway, I assume that Brandy lives downtown, which in the ’00s was a seedy, nightmarish hellscape filled with tank-top wearing toughs and abused women who had to suffer at the women’s shelter if they didn’t have a nice lady like Mary to take them back to her condo; but today it has a burgeoning arts scene and is, as Brandy notes, gentrifying nicely. Better not try any funny drug business around here now, Tommy! The cops actually respond to calls downtown these days!

Gasoline Alley, 6/14/18

Good news! Slim has finally received medication to help treat his terrible head injury, and it’s immediately sent him into an erotic desert island reverie. Did you know “play post office” is code for “three-way makeout fest”? I didn’t, and I’m now having to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about the American mail distribution system.

Funky Winkerbean, 6/14/18

Last week’s Crankshafts were all about how Crankshaft hoarded thousands of “Bean’s End Catalogs” (Bean’s End being like the combination of LL Bean and Land’s End, only … about gardening equipment rather than sensible clothing?) and eventually agreed to sell them off, and then they were purchased by obsessive collector Chester “The Chiseler”; meanwhile, ten years later in the Funkypresent, Chester, now the employer of Darin and Mopey Pete at a doomed comics startup, decided to unload his Bean’s End Catalog collection on eBay in order to bring in some cash to stretch out the lifespan of said doomed comics startup. I didn’t cover any of this at the time because it was all boring, but I am assuming that Funky’s dad lurking around weirdly and overhearing this conversation will lead to him buying said Bean’s End Catalogs as a gift for the now-comatose Crankshaft. I’m not sure how this dovetails in with the few things I seem to remember about Funky-dad’s characterization, which is that he’s an alcoholic and a real asshole, but if he ends up spending the bulk of Funky’s inheritance on a futile gesture of kindness towards a man who won’t appreciate or even notice it, that’s OK with me!

Mark Trail, 6/14/18

“A whole country full of ruins? An entire civilization laid waste by foreign invaders and the alien diseases they brought with them, their people reduced to a subordinate caste for centuries and their monuments left to crumble in the jungle? And now I get to climb all over them and take pictures? That’s amazing! I can’t get enough!”

Pluggers, 6/14/18

You’re a plugger if everyone you know is either sick or dead.

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Gasoline Alley, 6/8/18

So it’s been, what, a month, and Slim still hasn’t received the medical care he needs for his concussion! However, his doctor is telling him, in confidence, something extremely important: what he thought of all these years as his “wife” is actually an incredibly lifelike android, a soulless machine designed to study him and send back reports on his weaknesses to its unknown and terrible master.

Six Chix, 6/8/18

I’m not sure if these “scandals” are supposed to be about The Politics or The Celebs or what — honestly, it doesn’t really make much difference! You could use this comic in literally any cultural environment! I just love these characters’ facial expressions, genuinely and unironically. They really look worried!

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Mark Trail, 5/25/18

Wait, what’s this? Does Cherry have someone from her past who she’s nervous about seeing again? Does she have a past? Did she not spring forth from Zeus’s forehead to be Mark Trail’s asexual mate? Is this mysterious “Jim the PA” her mortal enemy, just as the iguana is the mortal enemy of the scorpion? I am very excited to find out! Chances of Mark punching out someone at a nice dinner while Rusty tries to flirt: increasing.

Dennis the Menace, 5/25/18

Wow, going from planning a germ warfare assault on the neighborhood to demonstrating embarrassing ignorance of the many convenient Great American Cookies locations in only a single day: truly some menacing whiplash going on here.

Gasoline Alley, 5/25/18

Ha ha, it’s funny because Slim may have suffered a debilitating head injury, but he’s afraid that seeking medical attention will leave his family destitute!