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Obviously a man who goes by “king” couldn’t truly love our Republic

Judge Parker, 6/27/15

Yesterday, Neddy showed King Speedy incontrovertible proof that his asking price for cargo containers was too high: she found a website where she could buy them for cheaper, and waved her phone at him meaningfully. (Or maybe it was an app? “It’s like Grindr, but for shipping containers!” says the startup founder at the VC pitch meeting, right before $100 bills start raining down from the ceiling.) Anyhoo, King Speedy could’ve just said “Well, I guess you should buy your containers from that app, then,” but instead he’s made the extremely poor choice to keep dickering, with the upshot that he’s now being literally accused of hating the American worker because he refuses to sell shipping containers at a loss. Neddy loves the American worker, loves the American worker so much that she’s going to keep the American worker working well into the American worker’s dotage, taking advantage of the Social Security and Medicare programs so that she doesn’t have to provide benefits. You think you’re a patriot, Speed King? You’re an actual traitor who uses our flag for toilet paper compared to Neddy, whose elder-exploitation plans are making our Founding Fathers weep tears of joy in the American part of heaven.

Shoes, 6/27/15

birds don’t have teeth, y’all





This is the most important job at a Westview reunion, honestly

Funky Winkerbean, 6/6/15

In a touching gesture, one of Les’s fellow reunion organizers took from him the burden of putting together the “Gone But Not Forgotten” display. Because if there’s one thing Les doesn’t like to do, it’s dwell on the memory of his dead wife! Oh, hey, why don’t we add the book Les wrote about his dead wife’s death to the display. Say, do you suppose anyone wrote a book about the death of poor dead Livinia Jessup? No? Oh well, guess she probably didn’t die as movingly! I mean, do we really even need her picture there at all?

Dennis the Menace, 6/6/15

Significantly more menacing things Dennis could’ve said:

  • “You’re a grown man with a wife and a long, productive career behind you, and the possession you prize above all others is a poster that you clearly bought at a store somewhere and that has no actual historical connection to Daniel Boone?”
  • “If this is your most prized possession, why do you have to keep it up here in the attic?”

Shoe, 6/6/15

“This body is a repulsive husk, a meat-prison that I dream every day of escaping. KILL ME AND SET ME FREE, I BEG OF YOU”

Let’s be grateful he didn’t say “I crashed into someone while speaking 1970s African American Vernacular English”

Shoe, 5/20/15

If you’re like, me you saw the Perfesser’s statement that he attended a “1950s sock hop” and immediately thought, “Have the bird-men of Shoe invented time travel, and do they use it to travel back to enjoy the innocent entertainments of simpler eras?” But the answer is clearly no, as obviously the Perfesser wouldn’t have phone service in the days before the deployment of modern wireless networks. So instead, we’ll have to console ourselves with the deliciously depressing story of the evening that we can derive from this strip: the Perfesser, having finally worked up the energy to leave behind another grim night at home, went out for a social event with fellow bird-nostalgists, only to be overcome with social anxiety at the thought of actually interacting with others; he thus spent the whole evening staring at his phone screen, with eventually disastrous results.

Heathcliff, 5/20/15

Hmm, how many SynergyPoints™ should we award today’s Avengers-themed Heathcliff? Well, we should deduct some for the fact that it was published nearly three weeks after the movie debuted, but perhaps add some back because the colorists correctly did up Heathcliff in Hulk green despite the absence of explicit color or even name cues in the caption text.

Archie, 5/20/15

OK, Newspaper Archie, we know you’re just slumming it here on the comics pages and most of your money comes from those Double Digests on sale at supermarket checkout aisles around the country, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude about the genre.