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Grim Wednesday

Shoe, 3/25/15

This is, of course, major front-page news in the Shoeniverse: a ghastly charnel house, a monstrous corporation that makes its profits from turning sapient birds into food for other birds, has been brought down from within. One can only imagine the horrific final days there. How were birds chosen for slaughter? Might you find yourself an executive in the corporation one day, only to be murdered, butchered, and devoured the next, because of some imagined slight against the company’s tyrannical leader? The final cathartic overthrow of the tyrant must have been violent and bloody, as his fanatical supporters were all too aware that they too would be destined for the fryer in a final orgy of cathartic and retributive violence. The Pefesser stares dully at the monitor as he types, doing his best to use his rational, analytic mind to describe the horrors he’s seen without breaking down and sobbing.

Dennis the Menace, 3/25/15

The biggest wave of menace in today’s Dennis the Menace comes from the bedroom eyes Henry is flashing in the second panel. “Welp, just got more confirmation that adulthood’s crushing ennui is more than the innocent mind of a child can handle. Wanna fool around for seven to twelve minutes before I fall asleep, out of soul-deep exhaustion?”

Rex Morgan, M.D., 3/25/15

“Get it? Because your car used to … carry dead people around in it? Girls love a guy with a sense of humor, right?”

Romantical sadness

Apartment 3-G, 3/24/15

It’s true, Lu Ann has been single for a long time! I literally can’t remember the last Lu Ann-focused romantic subplot. She hasn’t had an in-strip boyfriend since, um, Paul the piano mover, who proposed to her on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I think? (She eventually broke up with him. It turned out burning jet fuel couldn’t melt … her heart.) Anyway, I’m all for not making people feel bad or defective just because they’re single — many people prefer it! — but declaring loudly “I’m my own person!” is a good way for people to treat you like you’re twelve, probably. Not that Martin needs much incentive to condescend! “Aww, I’m glad you’re keeping busy with your little projects! I’ll think of your aching loneliness every time I spread your sadness-jam on toast.”

Pluggers, 3/24/15

I have a hearing aid and my audiologist told me that people with partners are much more likely to get them, for precisely this reason! Not pluggers, though. Pluggers just grouchily tell their spouses that “there’s nothing wrong with me” and “maybe you should stop mumbling so much” until eventually they just go out and sit in the truck and talk to the dog and cry and cry and cry.

Charterstone deep cuts

Mary Worth, 3/23/15

OH SNAP IT’S THE TRIUMPHANT (?) RETURN OF A BELOVED (?) ANCILLARY MARY WORTH CHARACTER! You might remember Terry Bryson as the Internet fraud expert who gently explained to Toby how to not get ripped off on the online, back in 2008. Since then she’s been lying low at Charterstone, apparently hoping against hope that Adam wouldn’t find her here. Did Terry once long ago teach Adam how to avoid Internet fraud, only she did a bad job and he got Internet defrauded real bad, and now he’s out for revenge? Or is Terry herself the one thing Adam can never let go of, romantically? Probably the second one, since over the weekend Adam seems to have dyed the greying hair around his temples, so as to look younger and more vigorous. Can’t wait to see the upbeat wedding denouement of this story, which has began in unsettling stalkertastic fashion!

Judge Parker, 3/23/15

Oh, goody: we’ve returned to Sam and Abbey’s RV, which is large enough to have both a main salon and, presumably, several secondary salons, just in time for them to wax rhapsodic about the greatness of Judge Parker Senior’s unfilmable script adaptation of his unreadable book! Abbey’s going to need some coffee for this. All this sycophancy takes a lot out of you.

Funky Winkerbean, 3/23/15

Ha ha, “I have a meeting with your father,” definitely a normal thing a human would say upon meeting an unidentified young person in an office setting. In this case, of course, a more reasonably response would be “I have a meeting with the mad scientist who grafted your tiny head onto your mismatched body.”